Quite Please


Sometimes in life we just need peace and quite. There are times in life when our soul and spirit yearn for refreshing, or we just need to hear our thoughts. In the hustle and bustle of life, the noises and distractions of daily life, can keep us from listening for answers in the stillness. I truly believe there was a reason in the scriptures, God stated, “Be still and Know that I am God” it is the quiet stillness of life, that we find answers. In the stillness and quiet we can hear the God within and hear his whispers to life’s questions.

I know some people find it very difficult to be still and quiet for 10 minutes. Just to quiet your mind and hear your inner voice. If you cannot sit still, be quiet, and listen for 10 minutes, then try 5 minutes, and increase the time span over a few days or weeks. You will find the answers to life, you will find peace, and if nothing else a mini break from the stresses of life. We do not have to move in such a fast pace, we can and need to slow down to enjoy a sunset, or just look at nature, or watch a bird. Even with these small activities you are quieting the mind. It is wonderful to walk on the earth, take a deep breath, and let the sun shine down on your face. If not outside then sit in your favorite spot, take a long slow deep breath, say thank you and listen for the stillness. Savor quiet moments, for the jewels that they are, seek those quiet moments to yourself, when life gets hard, or to find the sweet joy of solitude.

Artist, know how to use those quiet moments to unleash their creativity. Quiet, peaceful moments are the gift of solitude. They can be used to seek guidance, to create, to listen, or to learn. What you find and how you use these special treats in life are yours to cultivate and use at will. Use them wisely, because these quiet and peaceful treasures are the gifts of life, if you use them wisely.

Work hard, Play hard, Rest Well!


Once I get up in the morning, and for the rest of the day, it is like I am in a rat race. I get out, get in traffic go to work, see clients, work on my business, and by the end of the day I am spent. I do plan my day well, usually by the end of the day I have got a lot done, but I am also very tired by the end of the day. So by the weekend, I just want to play hard, rest and enjoy. I know I am not unusual. I like others want to be productive, get a lot done, but also I want a balanced life. Sometimes I know we all wonder, how to have that well balanced life everybody talks about. Here are some of my suggestions.

1. Evaluate your life now. Is there balance in your life,or do you find yourself working all the time. On the flip side of that is procrastinating, so that either way you are spinning your wheels, and not getting anything done. Jot down what you do in the different time frames, notice how you spend your time. What are your time wasters, when do you find time to rest, or to play or do things you enjoy.

2. After your evaluations, and you have identified your time stealers, like the internet, fb, youtube, television. Decrease the time spent on these activities, which gives you more time to rest, play, or work more efficiently.

3. Plan, for fun activities, activities that just bring you sheer joy. Put them in the calendar, actually plan to make the time to have play time, fun time, and time to unwind. Treat it as your personal time with yourself, or those you love.

4. Enjoy spontaneous now moment, moments when you find the time. This time is great for enjoying a sunset, a snow fall, or driving time when you look at beautiful scenery that surrounds you. Enjoy the moment,right now, savor it. Sometimes we miss a beautiful moment because we are so focused on the next moment. Maybe in the now moment you can enjoy a laugh with a friend, a kiss from your honey, or a hug from your little person as you read to them. Recognize and enjoy those priceless moments in the now.

5. Set boundaries, and guard your time. If you work from 9-5pm, when the end of your day has come put work away. You can use your commute time to listen,to audio books, or great music. The drive in the car, is my personal time, I use it to pray, to laugh, to listen to audio messages or book, this is part of my unwinding time. Sometimes traffic can be very frustrating, breathe, forgive, and move on. Finish your unwinding time when you get home. Tell, the kids, and your spouse give me 15 minutes. This is a boundary, explain to them you need the 15 minutes to unwind, so don’t come to you with anything, for 15-20 minutes.

6. Finally, set the time frames, write down what you want to accomplish. Do what you have planned, do it when you have planned, just plain do it. Some things never get done, whether work, rest, or play, because we just don’t do them.

So work hard, play hard, rest well, live life, do what you enjoy and love, and savor the moments!

                            Five Ways Of Making The Seemingly Impossible, Possible


There was a time, that people may have thought it impossible to fly to your desired location, or to use a small hand held device to  make calls from one person to another. Even the possibility of reaching any person, anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night was once thought impossible. Fifty years ago, who would have thought, that through the use of computers we would be able to communicate, recieve mail, build a business, and get acces to information in seconds. Then, there is social media, it was first an impossible dream, that we could could see, and interactact with, friends,  business associates,  and even world leaders through a tweet or a facebook post. These were all impossible dreams thirty to fourty years ago, and now they are an every day reality for all of us.

It is that first thought.  The thought that prevails and becomes a dream. From the dream, ideas then ignite to steps of action. Finally, your effort and creativity accesses the seemingly impossible, and possibilities are made. It is the space of making a dream reality. Where does it all begin? A dream,  unveils the mind to recieve a thought that the impossible, can be possible with creativity.  Dreamers, access the realm of our unlimited potential, and the endless realm of possibilities, most times without realizing it. When you dream of something or some seemingly impossible idea dares to become possible to you; then, you have tapped into that realm of endless possibilites. Here are some ways of tapping into the realm of creating the possible out of the perceived impossible.

1. Take time each day to meditate, to quiet yourself, and to tap into the power of divine creativity. Journal or write down ideas and thoughts recieved during this time.

2. Ask the right question, ans seek the answers to the right questions.  What are the right questions: How can I make this happen? What do I need to make this possible?  Who can help me? God can you show me more, and where do I start?

3. Take the first step. It doesn’t matters if the step is big or small, what matters is that you take the first step. The first step is important because it is the leap of faith step. The following steps will follow the first step easier, once you have taken that leap of faith step.

4. If you fall, get back up. You may stumble, you may be wobbly, but get back up and try, try, again and again. If the dream will not die, it is your dream to try.

5. Encourage yourself, tell yourself daily you will succed, this is your access into the realm of limitless possibilities. The difference between the posssible and the impossible; is the thought that there just might be a way. It just takes a thought, one idea, one creative tweek, and you have made the seemingly impossible, possible.

The veil of limitations has to be lifted from our minds, so that we can flourish in the limitless possibilities of divine creativity. You lift the veil, through faith, and through surrendering to the creativity that God has divenly gift to all.

Making Peace With Your Past


As I look back over my life, I reflect, and feel the emotions of pride, regret, sadness, and elation. There are so many conflicting emotions and feeling when I think about my past. I know I am not alone. Our past can bring many thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, regret, and then there is the feeling of just wanting to hide some things in a closet. However, when you look back, you will find that you learned so much from your past mistakes, and your triumphs. It is time to make peace with our past. All of the regret, shame, and even the feelings of triumph, are in your past. Each new day, brings the gift of change, and we can celebrate the gift of a new beginning with the dawning of a new day.

The question then becomes, so how do I make peace with my past. Here are a few suggestions, that have helped me over the years:

1. Remembering the past is the past. Leaving all of the debris, good and bad; where it belongs in the past.

2. Seeking forgiveness from anyone you feel you have wronged, and forgiving yourself for past mistakes. Recieving forgiveness, providing forgiveness, and forgiving ourselves is a great start for making peace with your past. Through the act of forgiveness the memories become softer.

3. Closing chapters that need to be closed. Sometimes we have done all we can do, its in the past, and time to close the chapter and start a new one. When you have done all you can do, give all the rest to good. It happened, it may not have turned out the way you wanted it to but it is done. Simply, finally close the chapter.

4. Always ask the questions, what have I learned from this? What have the lessons from IMG_0022our past, taught us. If you don’t see the lesson, reflect on the situation more. Ask God to show you the lesson. Trust me He will!

5. Give thanks for the lessons learned, for the hardships, the successes, they all came together to make you the person you are today. Just as there are failures in our past, there are also successes. Be grateful you made it through.

Finally as stated in the Bible, “All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His Purpose.” If you love God, you are called to his purpose, and the celebration, and the pitfalls have have worked for your ultimate good, believe that. Make peace with yourself, others, and God! It is your decision, make the decision to make peace with your past. Then celebrate the fact, that a new day will dawn, and you can begin again.

              Taking Care of You Is AN Important Aspect of Achieving Your Goals


In your journey of going for your destiny,  one of the most important aspects is taking care of ourselves. This is achieved by living a healthy lifestyle. Obviously, if we do not take good care of ourselves, we may not accomplish all that we desire. So our journey has to include self care. Self care, is care of our total being, mind, body, and spirit. It includes, our physical, mental, and spiritual health. When we take the time to nourish, and care for our mind, body, and spirit, we are revived and able to flourish.

It is so difficult to give from an empty vessel, and in today’s society, you can become drained quickly. Our world is so fast paced, and we often have to multitask in order to get things done. If you have a career, family obligations, societal obligations, your schedule can quickly become a source of anxiety and stress. You can also become exhausted and drained very quickly. It is essential to our physical and mental health that we take time to care for ourselves. Our vessel, our body, has to be nourished, replenished, excercised, and encouraged to move and flow. Slowing down, eating healthy foods, enjoying the moment, laughter, love, fresh air, sunshine, water, crying, holding the one you love close to your heart; are all essential elements for our health and wellbeing. Another key element of our well being, is enjoying and developing our creative side. Write, draw, think, dream, listen to music, create something, be it big or small, for all of this nourishes our soul. This allows us to fill our divine vessels, so that we can give and be of service to others. Self care is not just some cliche, it it an essential component for life.

Taking 15 minutes -1 hour a day for yourself, is important. Even if you have to take time for yourself in small increments. It is crucial that you take this time. Use the time to breathe, to enjoy nature, to laugh, or just to get away for a moment. Schedule breaks during your work day. Take the time to go outside on a sunny day, or a walk in the park for lunch. Your me time is important. Don’t let You,  be the last person on your list that get’s attention and care.

So while your are on your journey to achieving your goals, and dreams, don’t forget that YOU, are an essential element of achieving your desires. Therefore, all along the process, take care of YOU! Self care is not just a notion. It is essential component of your  life force.

                                      Aging in the Work Place


I have been actively working since I was 18 years old, and in those year, I have transitioned from the bright eyed newbie to sometimes the oldest worker for an organization.  It is sometimes a diffiuclt transition, not the number of years you have been at an organization, but sometimes being one of the oldest employees at an organization. I sometimes get the feeling that companies are not always valuing the experience, wisdom, and focus, of an employee that is seasoned. I also have gathered, that as an older employees we, don’t always realized our own value, and the gift we bring to any company. I think sometimes companies may feel that our ideas are antiquated, that we may cost them more than we deliver, and I beg to differ.

First of all, as a seasoned employee, we have to know our own value. You have to be confident in all that you bring to the table for your company. You have skills, wisdom, ideas, that can be a benefit to any company. You have to have confidence in those skills. It is also crucial that we keep up to date in our skill sets, staying fresh by taking courses, attending workshops etc, in our areas of expertise, reading article, and keeping abreast of trends, and changes in our industries. Also, we need to be open to the idea of branching out and trying new things, and new ways of doing things. We also need to watch our attitudes, stay positive, be a team player, that is not afraid of change. Companies, are changing and looking for better ways to get the job done, and we need to stay open and be abreast of changes that are happening in your industry. Be willing to help, act as a mentor to younger employees, find ways to show your intrinsic value to the company that employs you. I am not suggesting that you change as a person, but it is critical that you be of value to your company and stay up to date in your industry. Even in the way you dress, and interact with your colleagues. Do you call yourself old, and are you still dressing like your in the 70’s. If so update your wardrobe, and don’t date your self physically or mentally. We are vibrant, and we are assets to any company that we serve. Interact, and connect with your younger coworkers, and younger friends and associates. These friendships can prove to be beneficial to your life. When you discuss and interact with younger people; you will find they have interesting views on life, career, and personal time. We may not always agree but it is great to exchange ideas.

Now lets look at employers, the bottom line is that ageism is against the law. Though companies are careful not to portray that they would discrimate against anyone because of age. There are often suttle ways that ageism creeps into companies. It is usually not the company as a whole, but individuals in the company that may feel that older employee just can’t produce the same as a younger employee. This is simply, is not true, older employee are aware, of how people feel about their age, and often go beyond what is expected of them to produce results for their company.  As an older employee it is crucial for you to be results oriented, not to the point that you loose your people skills. However, to the point that you have a balance of producing results, and connecting and communicating with people well. We are here, and we are not going anywhere until we choose to retire. The employee, and the employer have to work together, to make sure the work place allows every individual to thrive, regardless of age. The best way to fight against ageism is to be a productive, contributing member of society until you choose to slow down and retire. The key here is that you don’t allow anyone to make that choice for you, you make the choice.

Lastly, as older people in the workplace, we cannot overlook the possibility of starting our own businesses,, transitioning from employee to employer ourselves. This way we can empower, and employ others, that may have some of the difficulties we have experienced. I believe, we as the aging employee have to define ourselves, break away from the stereotypes, be aware, and willing to educate others, on the value you can offer to any organization.

                   From Thought to Manifestation, and the steps along the way!


First a thought rises up in your consciousness, sometimes starting with a question from deep inside your being. Then an idea raises up to the forefront of your mind. If we take the time to think about it, ideas, are precious gifts form our subconscious mind.  Positive, life changing ideas, thoughts or questions, transform into answers that are beneficial to ourselves and others.

  So let’s study how an idea comes to us. First there maybe a need, or a question that you need an answer to. You think about it for a while, and then you make a decision to do something. You then take action steps toward your desired outcome. The wise, ask God for help sometime during this process. Thoughts or or ideas do not come from nowhere, they are downloaded revelations from our Creator. Lofty ideas, or thoughts can be of great benefit to you and others on the planet. They come from the originator of all thoughts and ideas, God. He has chosen to download this great service to you, as a vessel, to help yourself and others. We must act on ideas, that are good, and bring a service that is compassionate and helpful to others. It is true that we also have negative, egotistical thoughts and ideas, and these we must not act upon, but release them into nothingness. 

First thing is to take time to think, to be, and to meditate. Pray for answers. When you need to come up with something different for your life, or an original idea, you must take time to listen. Listen to the spirit of God inside you, listen intently, expectantly, knowing that an answer will come, because answers will come eventually.

Then it happens, an answer has comes from deep within yourself, an idea presents itself, now what? See the idea, feel it, write it down, in a sequential manner. The Bible says in. Habukak 2:2

“Write the vision and make it plain on tablets,

That he may run who reads it.

3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time;

But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.

Though it tarries, wait for it;

Because it will surely come,

It will not tarry.”

There is a lot of wisdom in this scripture, it is important to write your ideas or your vision, and to realized that it maybe for an appointed time in your future.  Though it may seem to take a long time, it will come to pass. You must continue on the process of manifestation. This is the process of seeing your vision or idea before it manifest.  This is an important step in the process.

Next, take the necessary steps, whether big or small. Take a step towards your idea, one step at time, knowing that in time your idea will come to pass.

Commit to the process. Come what may be committed to see your idea come to pass, factor in some mishaps or mistake along the way.  Particularly when you are doing something that has never been done before. Stay the path, your idea, is your baby. Be careful who you share your ideas with, protect your idea. Also do not procrastinate. Procrastination is a dream killer. Set timelines for yourself, but keep taking the necessary steps. 

Finally manifestation will come, as I stated before, if you keep at it, your idea will manifest. Work on it a step at a time, intently, expectantly, and the ideas from your mind will manifest. Celebrate yourself, and the creative process that brought a thought into reality. Isn’t the whole process truly fascinating.

Would you add more steps to the process, if so leave a comment?

              Setting Your Soul Free From Bitterness, and Unforgiveness


I recently saw a post from the comedienne, and actress Monique, as she talked about Oprah, Lee Daniels, and Tyler Perry. I could tell she had really been hurt, and the resentment from those situations, was still within her being. Though I use her situation, as an example, this post is really not about her. But about all of us. We can let bitterness, and resentment make us stoop to the level of those who supposedly hurt us, if we do not allow ourselves to release these emotions.

Bitterness, and resentment can harbor in your spirit,  and stir up to present itself, as high blood pressure, heart disease, headaches, anger, depression,  indigestion,gastric diseases, back pain, knee pain, and a host of other issues. How is this you may ask? It is because we allow these emotions to settle in our being. These emotions fester and create havoc in our mind, body and spirit. Mostly because we are stuck in the turmoil of a situations that has made us bitter, and resentful. When you are stuck immovable and laden with resentment and anger. These emotion’s settle in your joints making it difficult for you to move them freely.  I know it is very hard to forgive when you feel someone has wronged you, or caused something devastating in your life. You may want them to pay for what they have done to you.  However, let me encourage you to move on, to forgive, and release them to God, for you as well as them.

Easy for you to say,  maybe the reply of some to me. I would then have to respond and say it has taken half a lifetime for me to forgive someone I believed hurt me. But as I was festering in resentment, anger, bitterness, that person was living their life successfully. I was stuck, and my life was on hold, because I could think of nothing else but how to get back at him. For nearly 20 years, I nurtured that bitterness, and resentment, though cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure. All those emotions were trying to explode from within me.  They were seeping and causing turmoil in my body. Meanwhile the other person was going on with life, healthy, happy, and unaware. Who was really the one that was paying the price for this situation, I was. That is, until I woke up and realized that I had to forgive, and let go of all that resentment, because it was eating me alive.

I would say the same thing to Monique, who is talented, funny, and gifted.  Keep moving, keep serving the world with truth, laughter, hope, and do not let the resentment and bitterness clog your creativity. Keep on being your divine higher self, pack light, and release the heavy bags of bitterness, unforgiveness, and hurt. Do it for you, set your soul free!

                                Resurrecting Your Dead Situations


As I sit in my office and reflect on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus,  I realized that he took the time to get to himself, to tap into his power source. The ability to resurrect from the dead came from a source of power greater than himself. He took the time to get to himself to tap into his God power, he had to tap into the source of his strength and power, his relationship with his Father. When we rely on our own strength and power there is a limit to the things we can accomplish. However, when we can tap into God’s power and strength, we can tap into unlimited power, potential, and strength. It is a power greater than our own, it is the secret to the unlimited potential within you.

There are times in life when you have done all you can humanly do, there are no more answers, there is nothing left to do. If you have never come to this crossroad in your life. You are lucky, but then I would have to investigate how long have you lived. Because if you live long enough you will encounter situations, people, and things that take all your human strength and something more in order to overcome. They will be crossroads in life, periods in life, when you need an answer, you are blocked,  or you are in a place where you just can’t seem to make a decision. Then there may be times, when you have done your best, all you can do, and things just did not turn out like you wanted them to. You feel lost and defeated, you know you have to move forward, the situation is dead, but you do not have the strength to move.  What do you do in those situations?

You have to go, to a place inside of yourself, a place where you can plug into a source of power, and energy greater than yourself. That place is your relationship with God, if you do not have that relationship, you are missing a link to your greatest potential. This source of power lies in the knowledge that you have access to a power and strength beyond you. You have to take the time to quiet yourself, through prayer. Sometimes, the simple prayer of God help me, or I need you now. These are the only words needed to tap into the strength and power that is greater than your human potential. Luke 23:46 states that just before Jesus took his last breath he said these words, “Father into your hands I commit my spirit.” These words show, that Jesus knew his greatest power and strength was activated when he surrendered to the power and strength beyond his human potential, the Resurrecting power of his Father. So when you find yourself in dead situations, surrender to the power greater than your human potential the power of God in you.

The Missing Girls and DC, Six Tips For Parents To Make Their Child Safer


I have heard a lot about the missing girls in the DC area. The Washington DC police department is saying that there is not an actual increase in the numbers of missing girls, but that through the police’s use of social media, especially through tweets they brought more awareness to the issue of missing young women. The numbers fluctuate with the last being 25 teens in the last month. I have also read that the D.C. Mayor has created a task force and other initiative to find the missing girls. I will have to applaud social media and the outcry of others for bringing more awareness to this issue. As I ponder over this issue there are some questions that come up for me, such as:

If these young girls are runaways, what is happening in their home environments?

Where are these young women’s parents in all of this?

Are we as the public being told the truth, it seems it may be more to the story?

I don’t believe they are all runaways, but what is happening to our young girls?

Either way this is an alarming story, and has shed light on the issue of missing children. My children are all grown, but my heart strings are  pulled for these young women and their families. Obviously, as I look at this situation, I see that the most vulnerable, are those that don’t seem to have family connections, or their parents may not know their whereabouts. Then there are those of lower economic groups, and certainly young women of color. While there is a lot of social issues attached to either of those thoughts. It all boils down to, how can we as parents, keep our children safe? I don’t have all the answers, but listed below are a few common sense approaches, I always used with my girls, who all have grown up to be awesome young women. In their teenage years we had our share of disagreements, and struggles, as any honest parent of teenagers will admit, but I think these ground rules helped me.

1. Know where your children are- Keep up with there schedules, there friends, and their friends families. Make an effort to meet their friends and the families of their friends. Do not let your children spend the night with any and everybody. Remember you are the parent, and ultimately you are responsible for their safety.

2. Keep up with their internet activity- You pay the bills, so you can check their phones, computers, etc whenever you like. Put any safeware protection etc, block certain things, and do what you need to do, to ensure your child’s safety.

3. Drive your children where they need to go, or make sure they are with other responsible adults that you absolutely trust. There are to many, unattended children on the bus etc. I know that there are times when you may work, or some parents do not have a car, this can be difficult. However, if they must travel on public transportation, try to get them in large groups. Ensure your child has a cell phone to be able to contact you, especially in emergencies if needed.

4. Create a safe and loving home enviroment, where your children feel loved and safe. Even if there are disagreements in the home, if children feel safe and loved they will come home. Be the person your children come to, for support, wisdom, and love.

5. Make sure, that even when they travel in groups to the mall etc, that you pick them up and drop them off. Make sure you arrive and pick them up promptly, at the agreed upon spot. If they are late, find out what is going on, investigate, get out of the car, and look for them.

6. In the unfortunate incident, that your child comes up missing, contact the police, neighbors, and friends. Form search parties, talk, use social media, posters,  use whatever or whomever you need to get the message out. Ask for help from others in searching for your child.

7. It takes a village to raise a child, we are all members of the village. Know your neighbors, ask for help and help them by reporting anything or anyone that is suspect. Protect all the children in your neighborhood, by looking or checking on them. If you see children in your neighborhood out playing, even if they are not your children, check on them periodically. Start neighbor hood watch programs. But enlist the help of your neighbors that you trust, and know. We are each other’s keeper. It is not about being nosy, it is about keeping our children safe.

These are just a few items. I thought of , do you have others, add them to the comment section.